At Airvent Central Plant Solutions, our core values of honesty, hard work and trust, help us go above and beyond all limitations to guarantee our clients receive remarkable service. We provide solutions which will make life more comfortable, while still making the budget balance. Our philosophy is to employ only the best. It is our promise to our clients that we offer exceptional quality by aligning ourselves with reputable air conditioning brands and suppliers.

Airvent’s growth, success and reputation is built on the four cornerstones upon which the company was established, being Exceptional Service, Industry Experience, Technical Expertise and Financial Management.

  • Exceptional Service: We employ dedicated and highly experience staff to cater to our clients requirements. We have highly trained technical teams. We understand that our clients expect exceptional service and strive to deliver only the best. Our core values of honesty, hard work and trust influences everything we do in our business and life.
  • Industry Experience: The Airvent group of companies has more than 15 years experience in the HVAC industry and together with our suppliers of choice, are able to offer our customers the latest designs with cutting edge technology.
  • Technical Expertise: Airvent continuously works with our HVAC Training Academy, to train our staff to the highest of standards. We strive to have the latest technology and continuously update our design and in-house computer systems, enabling Airvent to always offer only the best to our clients.
  • Financial Management: Airvent has a dedicated finance team which has lasting relationships with all our major suppliers. Airvent understands the importance to maintain a financially stable business, which is why we continue to grow on our path of success.

Airvent continues to excel in all four cornerstones of their business, making us the company of choice for all your chilled water, air conditioning and ventilation solutions.


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