Airvent Central Plant Solutions was started by Simon Phipps in partnership with Mark Rogers in September 2012.

Airvent Central Plant Solutions focuses on the installation and maintenance of commercial and industrial chilled water central plant systems, ranging from an individual unit in an office to multi-storey office blocks and shopping centres.

Airvent Central Plant Solutions employ their own service teams, who are highly experienced HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) specialists.


Airvent Central Plant Solutions’ products consist of:

  1. Chillers – air cooled and water cooled
  2. Cooling towers
  3. Package units – water cooled
  4. Air handling units and fan coil units
  5. Chilled water systems – including pumps, piping, BMS and Water treatment

Airvent central plant solutions have experienced permanent staff with the following qulifications:

  • Qualified engineers / project managers
  • Trade-tested and certified refrigeration/mechanical technicians
  • Operators in mechanical and electrical disciplines
  • Ducting installers

Airvent Central Plant Solutions offers the following:

  1. Service contracts for maintaining existing chilled water systems
  2. New installations for chilled water systems
  3. Retrofit, refurbishing, upgrading and replacement of existing chilled water equipment
  4. Any and all works associated with chilled water systems – including:
  • Chiller supply and specialized service
  • Piping installations
  • Building Management Systems
  • Water treatment


Airvent Central Plant Solutions has a verified Level 2 BEE certificate.

About Airvent Central Plant Solutions: 
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